Kristen Chase hails from a small town in New Jersey where she escaped the accent and the big hair, but not a penchant for water ice and soft pretzels. Her career as a music therapist, textbook author and college professor landed her in Mississippi by way of Pennsylvania and Michigan, where she met her husband, an Air Force officer and military pilot, with whom she had a lot of sex.

Chase's surprise pregnancy and subsequent struggle as a new mom was the inspiration for her now widely-read blog Motherhood Uncensored, which gained popularity as one of the few internet voices speaking frankly and humorously about the challenges of motherhood, many of which have to do with sex. Soon after, she was invited to write as "The Mominatrix" in a bi-weekly column for sharing her no holds barred opinions about sex for parents.

In lieu of a formal background in giving sex advice, Chase taps into her own experience as a mom who's managed to maintain a healthy sex life and a sense of humor with kids in tow.

She keeps busy as the Publisher and Chief Operating Officer of Cool Mom Picks, a cheeky shopping blog hailed by Parents Magazine as "The arbiter of what's cool for the swingset crowd."

Chase has been a guest on NPR, CBS Atlanta, NBC's Today Show, and CNN, and resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her three children and her husband, with whom she still has a lot of sex.

Contact: mominatrixbook[at]gmail[dot]com

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